Port Royale 3 Wiki

This is a list of all the campaigns in the game.


In this campaign, you will learn how the economic system in Port Royale 3 works. This includes the principles of supply and demand, how to trade and how production works. You will learn how to lead a town to prosperity, what will keep the citizens satisfied and how to set up automatic trade routes.


This campaign introduces you to a life of adventure. Apart from a brief general introduction, you will learn all about the creation of convoys, naval battles, boarding, plundering and attacking other towns.

The ascension of Christi[]

You begin the game as a Bosun in Cayman, where you also already have a few assets. Your task is to expand Corpus Christi to 8,000 citizens.

The bet with Pablo[]

You begin with a couple of ships and some cash in Port Royale. Your task is to earn as much gold as possible in the course of 4 month.

Pirate hunt[]

Armed with several combat vessels, you are to destroy the hideouts of 3 successful pirates in as short a time as possible.

The big party[]