Reputation Edit

As a Merchant in the world of Port Royale 3, the player has to manage his/her reputation with the different Factions. It is represented as a percentage and depending on its value, there are three states of relationship between the player and the respective faction:

State Of War (<25%) Edit

Although the reputation of a player decreases over the time, it doesn't fall below 25% unless the player commits acts of war, like attacking ships or towns without a valid Letter of Marque. During the state of War, the player is banned from entering or trading at any town under the respective Faction's jurisdiction. A state of war immediately ends, as soon as the player's reputations is at least 25%.

Neutrality (25%-75%) Edit

This is the normal state and even if a player does not try to raise his/her reputation, it will not fall below 25% as long as no acts of war or piracy are committed. A neutral stance is required to trade at the respective nation's docks and to accept administrator or governor tasks.

Friendship (>75%) Edit

This relationship is needed to request a Letter of Marque from the Faction's Viceroy.

Raising Reputation Edit

The following actions raise a player's reputation with a faction:

  • Completing a task for the Administrator of one of the nation's towns (or the town of an allied nation)
  • Completing a task for the governor of that nation or an allied nation.
  • defeating a pirate convoy (raises reputation with all factions)
  • destroying a pirate hideout (raises reputation with all factions)
  • destroying another nation's ships or attacking their towns (Only when in possession of a letter of marque. The reputation with the attacked nation falls)
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