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Town Goods 1 Goods 2 Goods 3 Goods 4 Goods 5 Region
Charleston Wood Bricks Textiles Dyes Meat North America
Fort Caroline Bricks Textiles Cotton Dyes Meat North America
St. Augustine Bricks Wheat Sugar Dyes Clothing North America
Florida Keys Bricks Fruits Corn Tools Dyes North America
Tampa Wood Wheat Metal Dyes Clothing North America
Port St. Joe Sugar Textiles Metal Dyes Bread North America
Pensacola Textiles Metal Cotton Dyes Bread North America
Biloxi Wood Corn Metal Dyes Bread North America
New Orleans Bricks Sugar Textiles Dyes Bread North America
Corpus Christi Wood Wheat Metal Dyes Clothing North America
Tampico Wood Wheat Sugar Coffee Clothing Middle America
Vera Cruz Bricks Corn Cotton Tools Coffee Middle America
Villa Hermosa Wheat Sugar Hemp Coffee Meat Middle America
Campeche Wood Bricks Corn Coffee Meat Middle America
Sisal Wheat Metal Cotton Coffee Meat Middle America
Cancun Corn Sugar Metal Coffee Meat Middle America
Belize Wood Corn Metal Coffee Clothing Middle America
Roatán Wheat Sugar Metal Coffee Bread Middle America
Providence Textiles Metal Cotton Coffee Ropes Middle America
Cartagena Wood Sugar Metal Coffee Meat South America
Santa Marta Corn Sugar Hemp Coffee Meat South America
Maracaibo Wood Sugar Cotton Coffee Meat South America
Gibraltar Wood Wheat Hemp Coffee Clothing South America
Coro Bricks Wheat Cotton Cocao Clothing South America
Puerto Cabello Wheat Metal Cotton Cocao Ropes South America
Caracas Bricks Wheat Sugar Tools Cocao South America
Puerto Santo Wood Hemp Textiles Cocao Clothing South America
Georgetown Wood Bricks Wheat Tools Cocao South America
Curacao Wood Bricks Corn Cocao Meat Lesser Antilles
Margarita Wood Wheat Hemp Cocao Bread Lesser Antilles
Port of Spain Wheat Sugar Hemp Tools Cocao Lesser Antilles
Grenada Fruits Corn Hemp Cocao Ropes Lesser Antilles
St. Lucia Corn Metal Cotton Cocao Ropes Lesser Antilles
Barbados Fruits Textiles Metal Cocao Ropes Lesser Antilles
Martinique Wheat Fruits Hemp Tools Cocao Lesser Antilles
Guadeloupe Bricks Fruits Corn Cocao Bread Lesser Antilles
Antigua Bricks Fruits Textiles Cocao Ropes Lesser Antilles
St. Kitts Fruits Corn Metal Cocao Rum Lesser Antilles
St. Martin Bricks Fruits Corn Cocao Rum Lesser Antilles
St. Thome Fruits Corn Cotton Tobacco Rum Lesser Antilles
San Juan Fruits Hemp Textiles Tobacco Rum Greater Antilles
Santo Domingo Bricks Sugar Textiles Tobacco Bread Greater Antilles
Isabella Wood Hemp Textiles Tobacco Ropes Greater Antilles
Tortuga Sugar Hemp Cotton Tobacco Rum Greater Antilles
Port-au-Prince Bricks Sugar Textiles Tools Tobacco Greater Antilles
Santiago Wood Hemp Cotton Tools Tobacco Greater Antilles
Gibara Wheat Metal Cotton Tobacco Bread Greater Antilles
Trinidad Wood Sugar Textiles Tools Tobacco Greater Antilles
Havana Bricks Wheat Cotton Tobacco Rum Greater Antilles
Evangelista Fruits Hemp Textiles Tobacco Ropes Greater Antilles
Nombre de Dios Wood Hemp Textiles Tobacco Clothing Greater Antilles
Cayman Fruits Sugar Hemp Tools Tobacco Greater Antilles
Port Royale Corn Metal Cotton Tobacco Rum Greater Antilles
Grand Bahama Bricks Fruits Corn Tobacco Rum The Bahamas
Eleuthera Fruits Hemp Textiles Tobacco Ropes The Bahamas
Nassau Fruits Corn Cotton Tobacco Bread The Bahamas
Andross Wheat Fruits Cotton Tobacco Ropes The Bahamas
Cat Island Fruits Hemp Textiles Tobacco Rum The Bahamas
Charles Towne Fruits Corn Metal Tobacco Rum The Bahamas
Turk Islands Sugar Hemp Cotton Tobacco Clothing The Bahamas
Charleston: Wood, Bricks, Textiles, Dyes, MeatFort Caroline: Bricks, Textiles, Cotton, Dyes, MeatSt. Augustine: Bricks, Wheat, Sugar, Dyes, ClothingFlorida Keys: Bricks, Fruits, Corn, Tools, DyesTampa: Wood, Wheat, Metal, Dyes, ClothingPort St. Joe: Sugar, Textiles, Metal, Dyes, BreadPensacola: Textiles, Metal, Cotton, Dyes, BreadBiloxi: Wood, Corn, Metal, Dyes, BreadNew Orleans: Bricks, Sugar, Textiles, Dyes, BreadCorpus Christi: Wood, Wheat, Metal, Dyes, ClothingTampico: Wood, Wheat, Sugar, Coffee, ClothingVera Cruz: Bricks, Corn, Cotton, Tools, CoffeeVilla Hermosa: Wheat, Sugar, Hemp, Coffee, MeatCampeche: Wood, Bricks, Corn, Coffee, MeatSisal: Wheat, Metal, Cotton, Coffee, MeatCancun: Corn, Sugar, Metal, Coffee, MeatBelize: Wood, Corn, Metal, Coffee, ClothingRoatán: Wheat, Sugar, Metal, Coffee, BreadProvidence: Textiles, Metal, Cotton, Coffee, RopesCartagena: Wood, Sugar, Metal, Coffee, MeatSanta Marta: Corn, Sugar, Hemp, Coffee, MeatMaracaibo: Wood, Sugar, Cotton, Coffee, MeatGibraltar: Wood, Wheat, Hemp, Coffee, ClothingCoro: Bricks, Wheat, Cotton, Cocao, ClothingPuerto Cabello: Wheat, Metal, Cotton, Cocao, RopesCaracas: Bricks, Wheat, Sugar, Tools, CocaoPuerto Santo: Wood, Hemp, Textiles, Cocao, ClothingGeorgetown: Wood, Bricks, Wheat, Tools, CocaoCuracao: Wood, Bricks, Corn, Cocao, MeatMargarita: Wood, Wheat, Hemp, Cocao, BreadPort of Spain: Wheat, Sugar, Hemp, Tools, CocaoGrenada: Fruits, Corn, Hemp, Cocao, RopesSt. Lucia: Corn, Metal, Cotton, Cocao, RopesBarbados: Fruits, Textiles, Metal, Cocao, RopesMartinique: Wheat, Fruits, Hemp, Tools, CocaoGuadeloupe: Bricks, Fruits, Corn, Cocao, BreadAntigua: Bricks, Fruits, Textiles, Cocao, RopesSt. Kitts: Fruits, Corn, Metal, Cocao, RumSt. Martin: Bricks, Fruits, Corn, Cocao, RumSt. Thome: Fruits, Corn, Cotton, Tobacco, RumSan Juan: Fruits, Hemp, Textiles, Tobacco, RumSanto Domingo: Bricks, Sugar, Textiles, Tobacco, BreadIsabella: Wood, Hemp, Textiles, Tobacco, RopesTortuga: Sugar, Hemp, Cotton, Tobacco, RumPort-au-Prince: Bricks, Sugar, Textiles, Tools, TobaccoSantiago: Wood, Hemp, Cotton, Tools, TobaccoGibara: Wheat, Metal, Cotton, Tobacco, ToolsTrinidad: Wood, Sugar, Textiles, Tools, TobaccoHavana: Bricks, Wheat, Cotton, Tobacco, RumEvangelista: Fruits, Hemp, Textiles, Tobacco, RumNombre de Dios: Wood, Hemp, Textiles, Tobacco, ClothingCayman: Fruits, Sugar, Hemp, Tools, TobaccoPort Royale: Corn, Metal, Cotton, Tobacco, RumGrand Bahama: Bricks, Fruits, Corn, Tobacco, RumEleuthera: Fruits, Hemp, Textiles, Tobacco, RopesNassau: Fruits, Corn, Cotton, Tobacco, BreadAndross: Wheat, Fruits, Cotton, Tobacco, RopesCat Island: Fruits, Hemp, Textiles, Tobacco, RumCharles Towne: Fruits, Corn, Metal, Tobacco, RumTurk Islands: Sugar, Hemp, Cotton, Tobacco, RumWorldmap-1200px
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In the game, you will hear the Bermuda islands refered to. If you are confused by this, the Bermuda Island is the small island located at the top- right corner of the map. Treasure Fleets from every nation in the game pass through this area.

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